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We support Vizsla Owners

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Vischl® is a organization which help dogs in distress. Here we are focused on the breed of the Magyar Vizsla, a Hungarian hunting dog. We are represented in three countries with independent associations. Please visit our associations for further information

Vajda - the face of the Vizsla Ark Foundation

Not a Vizsla, a paralyzed German Pointer is the face of the Vizsla Ark Foundation

When Vajda was young, he had an accident. His ex-owner said that he had fallen off a doghouse and his spine was injured and he got paralyzed. That is why his owners took him to us more than a year ago. He stayed with us for half a year and then he was adopted by a young Hungarian couple living in Germany. However, in November we had to take him back. Since then he has lived with several temporary caretakers.

Vajda has a stubborn personality, loveable and beautiful, a typical German pointer dog. Who does not care at all about his condition. He is very strong and robust. He hits your head when you are putting the nappy and goes over you with his car, which means his owner can expect some dark patches and injuries. He loves playing with the ball, a real ball addict. He would play all day if he could. Usually after a 40-50-minute continuous ball game he gets a little tired and sleeps for a few hours. He is very intelligent. He quickly understands that, for example, in the mornings he cannot go walking with the other dogs so lies down and waits quietly. He also knows when it is time to go to bed or get up, he does not make noises, he just lies in his place. He loves relaxing comfortably, being close to people and dogs and also likes playing with his mates inside. He gets on with everybody and loves everybody should they be dogs, cats, adults or children, he is happy to see anybody. He adapts quickly to every situation, he is happy to have company and attention. His personality charms everybody.

Vadja had a thorough health examination and we consulted several specialist. The conclusion is that his spinal cord withered. He cannot be operated on and will never use his back legs for walking. He needs wheels. Life with Vajda is not easy. Looking after him requires an effort. As a result of his injury he cannot retain urine faeces. Currently he is using nappies and it must be changed about every two hours and at night the owner must get up at least once to make sure his bladder is ok. It is also important to prevent bacterial infections. If it gets full, he starts to chew it. The affected skin area must be cleaned and treated with special skin care creams.

This means 300-320 nappies per month. 7-8 packages of wiping tissues per month and 1 jar of skin cream per month. We can help his urination by pushing his bladder. In this case fewer nappies are necessary daily. However, they are still necessary as urine can still drip sometimes. Eating premium food he defecates 5-6 times daily without his control and he always does so when excited. This must be cleaned up as soon as possible otherwise he pulls his legs in it and then his shoes and legs must also be washed. Carpets are not recommended inside.

Good quality food is absolutely necessary for him as diarrhea has serious consequences.

It is bad for his health as hemorrhoids can develop and we will also have a lot of extra work and cleaning. Monthly he eats about 15 kg food. He cannot spend more than a couple of hours in his vehicle, is not allowed to go round with it more than that. Considering his size and the high level of usage and running around his car gets worn out easily, meaning its high costs and continuous repair need to be calculated with. It is important that his vehicle is of an easy structure, at the same time ensuring high stability, otherwise he can easily fall over with it. To continuously lift a dog weighing 26-28 kg demands a lot of physical power, especially saddling the waist, not that easy to put inside a car, but with the necessary technique acquired, it becomes routinous. Though his back legs are not uitable for walking, he is able to stand on them, also to move forward loading his weight on his front legs. He can walk downwards several stairs, upwards needs to be assisted. He regularly needs professional massage, also the owner has to massage him 10 minutes each and every evening so that he does not get rigid. He needs to wear dog shoes all the time, so that his feet are not worn out. Also, when outside without his car, has to have long-stemmed socks/foot protection by all means, as he continuously gets his feet hurt by moving fast. His shoes get worn out fast, uses 3-4 of them each month.

To keep his physical condition at its level he continuously and also cure-like needs to take vitamins and medicines: vitamin-B, kidney- and liver supportive, joint- and cartilage-protective, probiotics and salmon-oil products are suggested.

Besides these it is important to have a blood, urine and ultra sound check-up every half year to consider the state of his inner organs. Against all these precautionary actions any inner organ of his might give up any time, a more significant medical check-up might ever be necessary, in his case a very trustworthy vet is needed. It is actually impossible, or very difficult to use public transportation with him, any family visit, an excursion, any journey is an extra task to be solved. It is impossible to transport him without a car, also meaning that any emergency situation, a sickness might result in the loss of his life without it.

He cannot be left alone for several hours, beside him you cannot leave your home in a rush, you can never arrive home late, any travel or a longer day requires extra organization, as you cannot trust him on anyone or take him with you.

See Vajda in Action on YouTube

report on RTL
putting on his nappy
report on TV2
chasing girls
catching a ball
using the ramp

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